Associate Members Spring 2014

Hello everyone! I would like to take the time to congratulate our four associate members who made the decision to join the men of Nu-Zeta Zeta this spring semester. Their names are Tyler Jasensky, Leo Vo, Morgan Miller, and Alex Meyer. These astounding young men will help lead Lambda Chi Alpha here at Wittenberg University to new heights. Welcome to the brotherhood, gentlemen!

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to be a Lambda Chi Alpha?

If you think you do or would like to hear more about us, feel free to contact any brother and let us know! We would love to talk to you and get to know you!

Welcome Back, Prepare for Rush!

Welcome Back Everybody!

Its that time of year again.  The Spring Semester has begun, and with it come new classes, new schedules, new acquaintences, and last but not least Spring Formal Rush for the Greek organizations on campus!

With Formal Rush, every student (granted their GPA is appropriate) has the ability to Rush greek organizations!  This means Freshman can finally get a chance to see what greek life is like!  Every organization will be holding events during the next two weeks to show you who they are and just get to be around the different groups and see what everyone is about.  Every organization is different and has their own quirks and caveats to who they are and what they stand for.

If you are interested at all or not sure about what greek life is, feel free to contact us or any other organization and just say "Hi!"  Anyone will be more than willing to give you a heads up or tell you the goings on of events and the like or even the greek process itself!

I hope everyone has a good semester and considers Rushing a greek organization!  You don't really know what its about until you ask or just jump in and try!


Have a good Spring Semester from your friends the Lambda Chi's!


-Brother Eric Mann

New members!

Hello everyone!

Lambda Chi Alpha at Wittenberg University is proud two announce two new Associate Members: Cory Ross and Stephen Tyler. These two gentlemen are extraordinary and embody the values that us brothers of Nu-Zeta Zeta hold dear. We cannot wait for you to meet them (if you haven't already) and we look forward to helping them grow in our bonds of brotherhood.

Alec Biehl
President of Nu-Zeta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha

Welcome Back!

Hello fellow Witt students!

On behalf of the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, I extend a warm welcome back to campus. The first day of classes is done and we have begun to re-adjust to the pressures and demands of college life (or adjust if you are a first-year student, but don’t worry, it’s all worth it in the end). Before we know it, the members of the Class of 2014 will be (hopefully) walking across the stage in Commencement Hollow to receive our tickets to the next stage of our lives. Yes, as you’ve heard from your parents and anyone with a degree, the college years fly by and often leave fond memories to cherish for life; there are, however, the “I wish I…” or “I should have…” statements that serve to inspire us to achieve greatness and make the most of your four (or more) undergraduate years. Most certainly, the Choppers of this campus have found the fraternity to be one of these experiences to cherish and not regret later in life.

Throughout the next year, you will see Lambda Chi Alpha revamped with a fresh, riveting energy that will spread through campus like a California wildfire, without the dangers of death and destruction of course. Look for us at Super Service Saturdays, sporting events, WittSeries talks, and other activities around Wittenberg. See us in action during the two-week-long North American Food Drive, where you have the opportunity to be involved in our charity: feeding the poor through Second Harvest Food Bank. Most importantly, if you want a place to hang out, meet some great people, and feel more at home, come check us out. 923 North Fountain Avenue.

“We are the men of Lambda Chi,

Spirit cross and crescent high,

Wittenberg, hear our yell,

Nu-Zeta Zeta give 'em hell!”


Alec Biehl
President of Lambda Chi Alpha

More Updates


There are a few improvements to the site:

- Security has been added! More secure CAPTCHAs!!
- User profiles have been added for those with accounts.
- A calendar of events if fully functional and is constantly updated
- A page for those interested in Lambda Chi Alpha here at Wittenberg University has been added. Head over to the page and if you are a current student at Wittenberg, feel free to fill out the Interest form so we know about your interest!
- History page has been moved to under the About tab in order to keep the links organized.
- Officer's page has been moved to under the Current Brothers tab for organization reasons as well.

Whats to come:

- The highly desired gallery of pictures and videos is in the works. Many complications are arising from it but should be live by the end of August.
- Updated Officer's pages (Have not gotten around to doing this as of yet.)
- Expanded About, History, Contact, and Events!

Have any information/questions/comments/concerns? Let us know!

- The Lambda Chi Alpha: Nu Zeta team

Whats New?

Hello Everyone!

We have some new items on the page.

-For added security, CAPTCHAs have been added everywhere (I know people don't like them but trust me, they are needed.
-The Officer's page has been moved to under the Current Brother's tab. (Continually under development)

Whats to come?
-Calendar of events (Not as easy as it seems.)
-Expanded Officer's Page
-More security

Keep in touch!!
The Lambda Chi Alpha: Nu Zeta team

Under Construction

Hello all visitors!

This site is constantly being updated and modified daily to fit the modern styles as well as provide everyone all they need to know about our fraternity. Because of the constant updates, our site may be slow to load at times but will continually changed to be optimized. Please check back daily to see the new happenings at our chapter!

Soon to come:
- A calendar of events
- A list of officers
- More content on the pages
- A word from our president of the chapter!

Stay tuned to see and hear all the amazing news that will be to come!

The Lambda Chi Alpha: Nu Zeta team


Welcome everyone to the new Lambda Chi Alpha: Nu Zeta - Zeta website! We are very excited to have this site up and running and will continually spread the news on what is going on here at our chapter at Wittenberg University. There may not be much information on the site currently but we are working to make sure it stays as up to date as possible with new and exciting features as we come across them. Feel free to drop a comment in the section below on what you would like to see from the site or any information you may have.

Once again, welcome to the site and enjoy your stay!

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